It’s tough to admit, but someday the things we cherish about our lives today will only be known in photographs.

When I was 19, my dad passed away from cancer. He fought the disease off and on for twelve years before the Good Lord called him to his heavenly home. I miss my dad so, so much, more so than I can ever put into words. But I am filled with immense comfort and joy knowing that my dad is in Paradise with our Eternal Father. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

After having only my favorite photographs and memories of my dad left, it became my dream to capture real photos of real people living real life. No fancy outfits that will remain in the closet until the next family pictures. No random places that will probably never be visited again. Just families living life. And while some of these photos may not seem significant today, I promise you the day will come when those pictures mean everything.


Introducing 4 Seasons Photoshoots

Photographers are usually hired to capture a big milestone: an engagement, a wedding, a birth, or a graduation. All of these are important milestones that are of course worth celebrating and photographing! But what about the everyday? What about these fleeting moments in time of everyday life with the people we love? The kids won’t stay this young forever, and Grandma and Grandpa won’t either.


I bring you 4 Seasons Photoshoots.

What’s included:

4-45 min photo sessions

50+ Photos from each session

coffee table book with photos from all 4 sessions

15% off discount code FOR Prints & digital downloads


3 Rules:

  1. Minimal posing, if any
  2. Wear the clothes you already have
  3. We take the pictures doing what you do where you do it

Questions? I have answers.

What happens after you take the photos?

I will edit and compile the photos from each shoot into an online gallery. Photos are typically returned in 1-4 weeks.

Once you receive the link to the gallery, you may purchase digital downloads or prints directly from your gallery. You will also receive a 15% off discount code!

After the completion of the 4th shoot, I will create a coffee table book with photos from all 4 seasons.

Do I have to schedule all 4 shoots now?

Nope! I’ll touch base with you the first of each quarter (day of booking, April 1, July 1, and October 1) about when you’d like to schedule each shoot. I know lots of factors are at play—weather, timing of events like calving, or harvest, kids’ schedules, etc.—so I provide lots of flexibility in scheduling. I am happy to reschedule, but I am not able to make refunds for cancelled shoots as all payments are final.


Do you travel?

Sure! Any shoots taking place beyond 30 miles of Minden, Nebraska incur mileage at $0.56/mile. Please indicate where your shoots will take place at the time of booking.


Is this only for families in agriculture?

Nope! This is perfect for ANY family wanting to capture their legacy as it happens.


This project is a labor of love and something I care so deeply about.

If you’re interested in learning more or booking, contact Hannah! Bookings for 2021 close Monday, February 1!

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