4 (new) Seasons with the Hauxwells

Savannah and Brendon Hauxwell have been involved in production agriculture since the day they were born. The couple was given a 4 Seasons package as a wedding gift, something they took full advantage of as we documented their first year of marriage.


Both of our families are directly involved in production agriculture. It is all that we have ever known.”


Savannah and Brendon first met at the Aksarben Stock Show. Seven years later, they were married. They are now part of a diversified row crop operation along with a cow/calf and feedlot operation.

Calving Season

We began the year checking cows and calves at pasture.

man and woman with cows and dog

We had to stop and take some photos with the friendly donkey, Monica…


And offer treats (and kisses!) to one of the friendlier cows…

Cow licking man


Planting Season

Next, we captured the most beautiful spring evening planting corn, their very first crop as a married couple!

God sure painted a beautiful sky that evening.

man and woman planting corn

Wheat Harvest

In the heat of the summer, we met the combines in the wheat field. Wheat harvest is a family affair with all hands on deck working to get the crop out of the field.

wheat harvest

Silage Chopping & Soybean Harvest

Finally, we spent the autumn session harvesting corn silage and soybeans after a tough growing season. Mother Nature didn’t make it easy for the Hauxwells in 2022. Drought, wind, and hot summer days made for a trying and challenging growing season. But perseverance and drive kept them going and brought the 4 seasons’ efforts to fruition.

And we can’t forget the pup!

Throughout the 4 seasons, we not only kept up with Brendon and Savannah, but also watched their pup, Lainey, grow throughout the year!


4 pictures of a puppy on a farm


“It is fun to be able to document each season and to look back on how things have changed and watch the different seasons grow to produce a crop.”


This year, we get to add even more fun to their 4 Season photos as the couple welcomes their first child in July!


“Our photos will be used to tell our story and for our children to be able to look from year to year to see change and growth in our family as well as our operation.”


Savannah and Brendon’s passion shines through in the work they do throughout the 4 seasons. 


“We enjoy being able to provide for our world to make sure they have food on their plate each and every day. Brendon and I are looking forward to sharing our story of agriculture with others and building a family in this industry.”

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