beef photo of ribeye steak on a cutting board

You’ve attempted your own beef product shots, but something just isn’t right. That juicy, perfectly cooked medium rare steak oozing with flavor looks dull and boring in your photos. I’ve put together three tips for food photography, specifically for beef photos, that just may help! 

1. Choose your location 

I have a confession… I take all my beef photos on the living room floor.  

beef photo of hamburger
You’d never know this picture was taken on the living room floor, would you?!

It’s true! Our kitchen has one meager window and horrible overhead lighting. Pair that with some 1990’s blue counter tops and some white cupboards in need of some TLC and yikes, we have ourselves a recipe for an undesirable backdrop. 

Instead, I use duo boards from V Flat World to create a faux kitchen counter and back splash wherever I need it. If you’re looking for budget friendly options, you can also use butcher paper or even a really big cutting board. 

An additional thing to consider when choosing your location is lighting, which brings me to tip number two. 

2. Find the best lighting 

beef photo of brats on cutting board

Good lighting is key to the success of any photo, but especially when trying to capture details in a perfectly marbled steak.  

I recommend using natural light coming through an east or west facing window. The best light will be between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, possibly slightly more condensed depending on the time of year. Any earlier or later than that and you’ll have bright sunlight shining in through your windows. That’s perfect while sipping your morning coffee, but not ideal when picturing beef inside. 

Additionally, make sure all overhead lights and lamps are turned off. The bulbs in these light fixtures can alter the coloring of the beef and cast shadows.  

 3. Add some garnish 

As delicious as beef is, it’s not the most colorful food in the world. Additionally, it’s often pictured on a wooden cutting board, making for a lot of brown in one photo. 

To combat this, I recommend adding some garnish to your photos. This is where creativity really gets to bloom! Search for colorful or interesting vegetables or herbs to stage with your beef. Just remember that the beef is the focal point, so make sure the garnish isn’t too big.

Check out your local farmers markets to find some fun and unique veggies different than what you’d find in a grocery store! For these photos, I used a purple onion and a garlic scape. 

beef photo of filet with garlic scape and purple onion on cutting board 

Now as an ag producer selling direct-to-consumer, I know you have a lot on your plate. If product photos are one thing you’d rather not chew on, I’m here to help! Simply ship or drop off a box of your beef and I’ll return beautifully curated photos of your product looking tasty and delicious! 

Or, for higher dollar cuts like prime ribs and briskets that you prefer to keep on hand, I’m happy to come to you. 

Learn more about beef shoots and Farm to Table Photo Packages here!  Together we’ll get your delicious beef out your door and onto consumer’s plates! 

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