Meeting the Kramers

Last March, I received an inquiry form Kellie Kramer for “a photographer who would come capture some memories of newborn life/calving season on our farm in NW Kansas.” I was overjoyed at the opportunity and knew this type of session would be right up my alley.

Once Rawlins was ready for some adventures with big brother Macoy, Andy and I headed to their Northwest Kansas farm. These sessions are always a fun time getting to know the family and learning more about their farm. But after visiting with Kellie and Nathan, I could tell they had a unique and incredible story.

Kellie and Nathan met at a small town high school basketball game. They were both a state away from where they grew up. As Kellie says, the rest is history. They both grew up involved in agriculture, but neither Kellie nor Nathan had the opportunity to go back to a family farm. Together, they set a lofty goal to start their own operation.

Their Operation

Kellie and Nathan now grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and two small kiddos, Macoy and Rawlins.

Nathan, Macoy, Kellie, and Rawlins spend lots of time together in tractors and around their farm.

In addition to growing crops, they provide custom planting and harvesting to other farmers in the area. They also have a cow/calf operation. They  recently began to utilize the feedlot facilities at their home place, too.

“We are constantly looking for ways to diversify and balance out the ever changing factors that influence our livelihood.”


Nathan and Macoy cross a cattle card together.
Nathan and Macoy cross a cattle guard together.
Kellie and Rawlins in front of their Polaris Ranger.
Kellie and Rawlins in front of their Polaris Ranger.

Why family farm lifestyle photos?

When I asked Kellie what made her decide to reach out about family farm lifestyle photos, here is what she said:

“We know that these beginning years, when our operation and our kids are young, will be ones that we want to remember. Our hope is to build a legacy for our kids and their kids to be involved in for many years to come. These photos will preserve the memories of the hard work it took to get there!”

Kellie and Macoy check out the tractor.
Kellie and Macoy spend lots of tractor cab time together during harvest.
Nathan holds Rawlins
Nathan holds Rawlins whose shirt says “The Farmer’s Daughter.”

By the looks of it, Macoy is already engulfed in farm life and loving every moment of it and little sis won’t be far behind!

Family farm sessions documenting life as it is today in these moments are my absolute favorite and the whole reason I started taking pictures in the first place. Spending time with incredible folks like Kellie and Nathan truly fills my cup, and having the opportunity to document and share their story is the icing on the cake. I can’t wait to see all they accomplish as stewards of their land and animals!

Macoy warmed up right away, asking me to carry him to where he wanted to go.

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