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Where should I print my photos?

One question I’m often asked is, “Where should I print my photos?”


Great question! In this blog post, I’ll outline a few of my favorite print shops and what type of prints I like from each spot.


Nebraska Camera

If you’re local to Kearney, Nebraska, Nebraska Camera is a must! This business is family owned and operated by folks local to the area. Alan (THE Camera Doctor) has taught me SO much about photography over the years. They provide incredible customer service and usually have prints ready for pickup the next day. Tell them Hannah Dorn sent you!


Parabo Press

Parabo Press is one of my go-tos and my FAVORITE spot for printing shoebox photos. Their square prints are so stinking cute and are printed on unique card stock paper. They give off Polaroid vibes and are so fun to decorate with. Plus they’re the perfect size to drop in the mail to share with a friend.

I also love Parabo’s photo books! I printed this one of photos of Andy and me to use as the guest book at our wedding.

picture of photo book with wedding messages

Next, their newspaper prints are super fun and unique. I’ve used these to print major milestone photos. One is a photo of our cows that I just love and was really the first photo I took that made me think I could make a business out of my photography. The other is a trip to our ranch in the Sandhills right after we bought it. They come with a crease and are on lightweight paper.

newspaper prints from parabo press


Mpix is where I print all of my photo books for seasonal clients as well as our wedding photo album. (PS the photo book comes with your three or four season package, so you don’t even have to worry about the printing!) Their design software is simple to use and gives you the option to use customizable templates or have full control over the design. I prefer to use the templates, but it is nice to have options!

photo book of wedding photos

Nations Photo Lab

I’ve printed standard prints from Nations as well as some fun metal prints! I love the look of the metal prints and that they don’t require an additional frame around the photo. They’re simple to hang up and create an awesome rustic look.



I wanted a large photo to go above our bed, and Smallwoods got the job done! I love that the print came with frame options, taking the hassle out of sourcing a frame to fit the photo. (Recognize this pic? It’s my fav photo from the Sandhills and the same photo I printed as a newsprint from Parabo.) 

pictures on wall

Where not to print–

This list is short and simple. Without naming any names, if you can also buy pharmaceuticals or household products under the same roof, you probably shouldn’t trust them to print your photos.


Now, this is not an exclusive list. There are plenty of other great print shops and sites out there! These are just my personal favorites.


Happy printing!

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